Tears for Beloved

Something really close to me just died, and it was the last, the two died so quickly. They were pets, two bunnies. But sometimes you are glad to finally say, "I can care for something now" Only to watch what you put effort in suddenly fall.

Pain guts at my stomach

Yet I tried so hard

I did everything I could

Wanted to finally care for something

and it slips out of my hands

as if not wanting to be loved

Memories flood back

All those lovely memories

Even though the time was short

I still got to care

I still tried

And I still love the one

Who I cared for

I feel it my fault

Tears spring from these eyes of mine

Trying to catch these tears

Yet I didn't know I'd truly cry

Till my beloved was gone

Didn't realize how much care

Or how much I loved what is now lost

Even though the tears fall

I know beloved wouldn't want me to cry

These aren't tears of joy

Yet it still feels good to let something out

Yet is still feels good to cry to someone

Even though I can't cry to beloved

There is always someone

That has arms open wide for these tears

of mine

The End

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