Tears for a child

Something for my sister.
Sorry for my poor vocabulary :)

Hearing her voice
makes me dream about past
What have we done
and what does really last?
Holding her hand
has never been so hard,
rising my eyes
to look into her eyes
I promised to be
her protector, her guard
but I could never
keep away these cries

When the day is over
and I get back home
I have at least a place
and a heart to call my own
I have an angel
to hold her really tight
to tell her many stories
and sing her through the night
And she has her prison
her very own hell
An everyday reminder
that she has really failed
An empty gaping room
that destroys all her dreams
A place that makes her live
through every memory

What life can she expect
while she looks at me
The way I hold my daughter
and wipe away her tears
My girl will be the closest
that she will ever feel
Again…just a reminder
what she will never be

Tonight I cry her tears
like every other night
While thinking how in life
we do just few things right
And nothing I say now
can ease the pain inside
Nothing can restore
her courage and her pride
All she ever wanted
is to be someone’s mom
To proudly hold her baby
her so wanted son
And now her empty arms
weave fears on sorrow-loom
While she steps again
into her damned room

What can I say to her
those are just words
Whatever it would be
it burns and kills and hurts
What can be an excuse
to such a young soul
What will explain to her
why she will be alone
So many battles have passed
so many still to fight
I can’t help her more
then praying through the night
Her baby, it’s just a dream
Her family, not even a hope
All she sees is a river,
a razor, pills and a rope

Why do I feel such pain
when she hugs my little girl
While she holds her like treasure,
made of diamonds and pearls
Why can’t I do a thing
to make her feel much more
Then holding her sister’s child
and wishing it was her own…

The End

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