Keep the tears silent,

Let them roll down my face,

Let them fall on the ground,

Without making a sound.

Don't attract anyone’s attention.

Pretend it's the dust, 

''I'm completely fine'',

I can lie well enough.


They say let it out,

Don't bottle it up,

Talk to me,

''I'm here for you'',

But are you there?

Is that even true?


Friend or foe,

They don't need to see me

Not like this,

I've sunk too low.


I'm the one who copes,

Holds it together every time.

In the blink of an eye,

Everything's fine.


Laughs and smiles,

With everyone else,

But when my eyes glaze over,

I fall somewhere else.

A place that I hate,

In the back of my mind,

Everything I loathe,

That’s all I find.

The End

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