You can see the tears that she cries in her eyes that it’s me she wants to be beside

She doesn’t want to be with him, she is suffocating, he is crowding her, and she’s caving in

Forcing her to be his, forcing her to kiss, forcing her to cringe and reminisce

Events come rushing back to the day before, where he hit and made her stay on the floor

To ensure that she stayed inside he locked the door, this was the beginning, there was more

He told her to do things that made her sick, he didn’t care it gave him a kick

He punched her and bruised her lip; she didn’t want to say no, that would anger him and cause him to flip

So she did all the things he told her to do, unfortunately all these things weren’t brand new

Things that can’t be said were ordered to be carried out, she didn’t have time to think, didn’t have time to doubt

But she knew it was wrong, the things he was saying, the scary thing was, it wasn’t a game, he weren’t playing, but I dunno what he was gaining, it all seemed easy, no hard training

Fortunately, this girl has someone that wants to care and look after her; he won’t just stand up and blurt it out

He wants to tell her through the power of poetry, hopefully reading this she will realise and see

That the man who wants to be with her is me, I ain’t lying, it’s all true, believe me

Hold her tight and protect her life, when I’m not with her she’s the only thing that’s on my mind

She always on my conscience, making me smile every time we interact

When I’m not with her it drives me crazy like an insomniac

All the images running around in my brain

Repeating each other, again and again, they’re on loop but I haven’t pressed play, but I guess things are just going for me today, 

The End

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