Last night I cried myself to sleep
Hoping for some relief to come
But none came, and I realized
I really was alone.

I longed for some arms
To wrap around my heart
Wipe the tears off my face
And comfort me in my distress.

I felt the panic
Overtake my heart
The tears that fell 
Began to freeze my limbs

The loneliness of my soul
I felt like nobody could hear me
Nobody could hear my painn
And I was hopeless to express said agony.

"Everybody will leave you" my head whispered
"They will all be taken away"
"Shut up" I said mournfully
"Just leave me alone, fearful thoughts".

Last night I realized
I was truly alone
Nobody could hear my cries, no matter how silent they were
My heart ripped from within me.

And I fell asleep
With those dreadful thoughts
"Tomorrow is a new day" I whispered as I fell asleep
And I was right. 

Today is a new day, filled with new hope.


The End

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