This is an old poem of mine I found while sorting through paperwork.

Tears are an escape to another world,

Each drop releases a bad memory.

The feelings wash away and you feel better,

But there is still that ache in your heart.

When the last drop has fallen,

Memories are always with you.

You can't wash them away,

But if you learn to live with them,

Good things will fill their place.

I have some of these bad memories,

But now that I have shared,

My heart feels like an open door,

A place in which to play.

Sometimes I'll remember,

And cringe at what I did.

But then I'll think of good times,

And the love I got from them.

Peace is a hard thing to find,

It's a journey through your life.

But once you find the peace and love,

You'll finally find yourself.

The End

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