This poem is about crying and how you can cry for so long, and it feels so very powerful, as if it's taking all of your energy just to get these tears out, and then you stop crying, and you try to think what it was you were crying about, and you suddenly realise there is no reason. You were crying simply because. Which is often the worst type of crying.

Tears were shed

and they fell,


down your cheeks.


Or rather,

you rectify,

they cascaded like waterfalls.

The noise and pressure

surmount all that you know,

and pull you over the edge.

Into the depths of the darkness below.


And it is only after the plunge –

after the onslaught

has swallowed you

whole –

that you search in vain.

Only to say


but, alas!

the trigger

could not be found.

The End

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