Tearing Down the SkyMature

Tearing Down the Sky

I’ve watched the world around me, looked at life through watered eyes
Drowned in tears... a cascade... of lost dreams and broken lives
No one has ever loved me, and it’s this tragedy I mourn
For this orphan’s heart was torn apart, on the day that I was born
Life drags on...................

Then It calls to me, the voice in the dark, with its twisted words
Tugging me, pulling at me, scaling the walls of the good inside me
It’s a cold wind... chilling me. Like a ghost in the night, it haunts me
It beckons me to die, then reasons why. Laughing as it watches me cry

Fear grips my heart, words escape me
The sky darkens above, a spectre spread to cover the sun. Run!
Too late, it’s fate, I’m paralyzed as I realize that Death’s bell tolls for me

It’s the point of no return ...‘suicide’... inside... my mind
I feel like... tearing down the sky!... I wanna cry... understand, reason why
Start over, go back, don’t wanna die!
Just to feel, be real, to kneel... and pray... to find a way today
Fight the pain, feeling drained, remain sane, but it’s plain... to see,
I’m not me... but I wanna be
I wanna dream, be redeemed, but it seems... I only scream!

Like an ominous horizon, dark clouds rising... it’s coming fast!
Fear reigns, tears in vain... the die is cast!
I get on my knees, breathe my last breeze, set my eyes straight ahead... BANG!
...I’m dead

The End

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