Poems of 20 lines or less, written in 20 minutes or less!


There’s a message on my cup.

I’ve drunk from the thing eternally;

Cracked it with years of tender suckling and

Just-a-minute thought.


The words have always been there.

Right there, supposedly.


Inside and out,

With routine distraction,

I go over their petty symmetry,

As the next in a long line of suicidal biscuits

Droops in acceptance of the final plunge.


Only now do I see their spite:

The sardonic optimism of a trite horoscope,

Treacled to taste with each slurp and each sip.

I remember how apt that ha’penny rhyme once seemed.


My cup is no longer cracked,

But shattered.

And the walls are weeping for its loss.

The End

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