Taunting, Scarring, Dying InsideMature

Do you understand that I was real?

That I was human, I could feel,

I couldn't speak, for fear that you'd mock my views,

You think it was funny? Well, here's some news;

Your cruelty nearly ended me, I'd cut myself to make you see,

Coma Black chorus became my life,

The sting of the scissors, blunt edge of a knife.

Then I died inside, you idiot-four,

Couldn't hurt me anymore.


Life in the mist was no longer my own,

I wandered through each week, a zombie, a clone,

My thoughts built up towards suicide,

The voices call 'do it', they won't subside.

Slit my wrists; so long, suckers!

Goodbye, you school-boy motherfuckers!


"We know it's hard; but it's something we all go through!"

Sorry mom and dad, I know I'm a failure to you.

Razor-blade, a deeper scar - it didn't get me all that far,

I freak out when the blood won't dry,

I listen to Nine Inch Nails and cry.


Kill myself to make you pay,

A new scar for each new day.

They heal, pink and faded against my skin,

I repent the uncomitted sin,

Of any tiny show of emotion, from which you may derive,

Some sadist's pleasure that keeps the thrill alive.


One day I'll be brave enough to die,

For now I'll cut myself and lie.





The End

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