A political piece about how the deeds of evil men can be ignored in the face of a so-called greater good

You purge those who speak against you

Enslave their children and condemn them too

In the interests of cotton and work

You believe to set them free

Slap down the hands of dissidents

Crush the rebellion in the might of your hand

A friendly darkness to assist a greater evil

The darkest heart of Samarkand

You build to bring eastern life

New veins in torn limbs, we'll die for it

Cold pipelines, a pointless war

The lessons of cruel history

Written in blood once more

Hosted by powers brave and white

Playing games with such noble knights

Cryptic words behind bolted doors

Bitter mouths, all rotten to the core

Entertained by famous jesters

Whose reputation for freedom and liberty

Smoulders and fades with their dignity

The boiled bones of rebellious souls

Rest buried in shallow holes

The war of the new century

A disguise for a greater horror

Thousands condemned for a fake terror

The legacy of your Tashkent

Shall endure forever

Convoys of friends

Running through your black veins

Two heads of a hydra

Condemn those together who exist outside

Let the wanderers be boiled alive

We fight for freedom

Letters of propoganda written in blood speak

Though kingdoms may topple

Hearts may be won

The only direction is cold and so bleak

The End

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