[ H U M M M M ]

[ H U M M M M ]

I self-believe.
I self-believe.
I self-believe.

Have you watched                      .
as the fog rises;           
.                  as the sea swells;
.                                    as my eyes bloom?

Into lotus.

.                                                                              On the surface,
.                                                                       of a muddy heart. 
.                                                             Your footprints, soft,    
.                                         your imprint, warm.
.                               Kissing heart flesh
with immortal seed.   

My eyelids into petal,
my iris into sun,
my watery skin is folding
underneath the sky
and lapping against your tides.

Unstained flower,
resting on my mud,
dreaming of the sun,
rooted in the scum.

The End

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