This is a collaborative piece with my friend Jan, Protagonize profile: Noobhurl
We went away for Easter weekend in the Tankwa Karoo mesmerized by the peace and beauty a little oasis in this dry rocky paridise


Sunlight and dressed in blue

Paddle in the hand till the sun

Is due

Returning home

Tangled by her edge

Lives dandelion in lushes veg


I wonder how she bears

The green

At the top spread out

For miles to be seen

Death mistaken in absence of Mr Bee

With life hidden in this thorny tree


Now the light glares up into

Our eyes

The stars have gone four short

Breaths and three more sighs

For time is our curse

Hiding in the night


Au Autumn sun  that takes this hand

To head my mind through

Rime well spent

To Be right here

Instead of where I went 

The End

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