Talking to my Arm

I didn't choose you, you're borrowed, you exist

You are only my cheap psychiatrist,

Gradually, then suddenly, that's how you come

My left arm, the apathist

They must all remain in ignorance

And you'll be the one to see to this,

I cannot hide you, or lie too long

My dearly departed antagonist

There will be time for Anthony Clare

But we need to rebuild my fiction,

No pressure, kid, but this wound looks hideous

It cannot take constriction

They're not as blind as I think they are

To my waving contradiction,

Help me, please, don't leave me now

You've doomed me to conviction

You dare tell me what I'm thinking is wrong?

What I'm doing is no worse,

You were the one who exploited me first

You are my shepherd's purse

I'm sorry, I didn't mean it, not now

You're more to me than this verse,

Just stay with me, tonight, let's go over this

We both need to rehearse

Mind over matter, mind over me,

Nothing is sharp enough, dismantle me.

The End

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