Taking time....

this is a poem out of the blue....

Take the time to smell the roses

tis the garden of life...

The maker giveth a limited time,

A time limited to smell the rose....


Take the time to smell the roses

tis sure a perilous path

but one surrounded by them,

dare you smell one?


Take the time to smell that rose,

tis called love....

in the garden of life

the maker maketh us all

with a chalice to fill it up!


Take the time to smell the roses,

in aiming for the mountains

oft finds oneself in a desert

quicksands more and gardens less,

tis the nature of life!


Take your time in smelling that rose,

tis your moment,tis your life

that maker maketh such;

tis the man with roses galore,thorns nonetheless,

finds himself betwixt the oasis of love,


right in his maker's arms........

The End

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