Taking the Lead

Sorry if this poem is not very good but I hope the message gets across. The message is of a guy leading his girlfriend/spouse up so that her life will be good.

This is a story that may be well known
Of a pair of people who have not yet flown
But they are starting to fly
And soon they will go high

Now this story is short and sweet
It begins when she fell on her feet
As her life is slowing crashing
It feels like everything is harassing

She feels as if has hit rock bottom
Like the leaves faling in the autumn
She has lost her way
During the month of may

But she felt all alone
She wish she had flown
Flown away from this pain
That she could not tame

But she was not alone
She keeps hearing a tone
Then a hand was offered
It wasn't even awkward

For this hand was strong
Just like their bond
This bond between her and him that never seemed to fade
For he came to her aid

He lifts her off the ground
With a strong new sound
He whispered in her ear "i love you, let me take away your pain"
And then after all disdain, he then became her main

He leads her to this day
Even after the month of may
She looks to him to lead
Now she has been freed

Now he leads her forward
So that they move onward

The End

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