Taking Off

after an extended visit back home, reconnecting, loving, laughing.... crying, I find myself in wonder on the plane to the next destination.... we dont always have the answers or the map to where we were meant to go... but the Lord will always guide you if you give Him the chance to show.


As I sit looking out the porthole

Of this giant metal wonder

My heart heavy

Eyes cried dry

A lump in my chest


How are we able to withstand

This sorrow

Taking off

Leaving love and care

Our blood bonds behind


A thought comes to mind

Amidst drifting off in somber

Our Lord Almighty

Of us….

Always fonder


My heart  now a feather

Flying off with clouds outside

Let me forget of what was

And hope for what is to come

A growing marvelous ride


In this giant metal wonder

I will gracefully glide

The End

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