Talk down, down, down,

Down further until we cannot

hear a single sound,

I'd rather like to forget you,

Spill out through something atrioventricular

and leave me be

because this is not

correct, logical, straight-forward or rational,

I don't feel as myself,

You would never want me

as myself,

This imposter is all but forbidden to leave,

If you wanted her then she is commanded to stay,


Return the girl to the God,

Hide your eyes and he 

won't see

the truth

lurking, looming,

Terrified of being discovered,

And yet I must shout,

I must feel the need,

I am not who you think I am supposed to be.

One day I'll be a household name,

One day you'll remember that you used to know me,

That everything could've fallen into place,

There was a chance that needed to be taken

and a distance that was too far to fall,

Every single synapse is screaming to be heard,

My blood is crying, again, my heart is failing,

My words are inadequate 

and I am cutting the call,

If only I could forget to remember

that you won't remember me at all.

The End

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