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I tried to escape a nightmare, but im trapped in it/ Goddamn its another day feeling like shit / Bloodshot and tired eyes say it all/ Broke and bleeding, still sleeping, i cant answer the call/ No ocean will fucking drown me/ Ive learned to swim, to live! Cant you see?/ Walking on unstable ground with numb feet/ Heart beating, yet im still incomplete/ Your so beautiful but fake as a doll/ Looking through slits in the door/ No matter what i wish, ill never have more/ When the dark falls is when the wolves come out/ Biting at your heels, time to move faster now/ Snow falls on my still sweating face/ Slit your throat with the knife i keep just in case/ Move on to better lands!/ Past the snow and closer to the sands/ Burn your past bridges down/ Its the only way to gain your crown/ Wounded but still on my feet/ I swore id never again taste defeat/ Draining ever drop of good from your veins/ Losing control but im taking the reins
The End

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