take the "f" out of life and what do you get?

Jump through hoops.

I said sit down!

Follow directions.

Don't speak!

Why aren't you talking?!

The words confuse me,

in one ear,

then disappear.

I try to follow,

but my head swirls,



I try to please,



Can't hurt anyone's feelings,

except my own.

Can't be rude,


Acting normal,

is an act.

I stand on the stage,

lie through my teeth,

perfect world,

perfect weight,

perfect mind.

The audience applauds,

astounded by my skills.

The rest of the cast comes out,



other adults in my life.

we grab each others hands,

feeling the poison prick us.

i quickly try to break free,

but their hands grip mine,

bones snap,

but i still try,

until finally,

i stop,

my energy exhausted.

i must live another day,

another lie.




this place will be the death of  me.

The End

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