The island of TilfarMature

The target’s location is one hundred and twenty miles south by southeast of the Texas coast. Tilfar became a semi hostile nation after the 1965 ousting of King Rafaela. The Cuban government funded the militants and assisted them in defeating the small Tilfarian army. Afterwards, the diplomatic relations between our two countries has been very strained. The Commonwealth of Tilfar measures approximately 58 miles wide and measures approximately 70 miles long. On the north side of Tilfar was Tanner and on south side San Manito. To the east of Tanner were the 280-acre Venelan rain forest and the weapons laboratory. Since, this was a covert operation; the pilot was instructed to drop the team half a mile from the seacoast. From there, they would use a raft to floating to the beach. Jamal was the first to repel down the rope into the dark cold salt water. As the Chinook departed, the team climbed into the inflatable raft, gathered their gear, and headed south toward Tilfar and the weapon laboratory.

The island was hot and humid, but the scenery was breathtaking. The team of well-trained rangers quietly ascended forty feet up a spectacular granite ridge adjoining the beach. Jamal walked point as they slowly entered the amazing rainforest. Inside the forest, they were greeted by a myriad of colorful birds and fragrant plant life. In the midst of the forest was a mammoth clear-blue freshwater lake. The impressively quiet lake was surrounded by the strong and healthy foliage of the rainforest except on the south side where the weapons laboratory was built. ‘This island would be a good spot to retire,' Jamal thought to himself. After taking about two steps toward the freshwater lake, Jamal spotted a half-hidden land mine. It was slightly protruding from the thick green Bermuda grass. He calmly signaled the sergeant and corporal to stop. Then, he showed them the location of the mines. ‘Well, it is too late to turn back now,' Jamal replied. Slowly and very cautiously, they crossed fifteen rows of land mines.

Jamal signaled to the team to stop a half of a mile away from the gray metal building. Jamal's mission was to secure the guard shack. Afterwards, he would signal the team when the coast was clear. Jamal had been in the Army now for almost three years. This was why he became a U.S. Army Ranger. Cautiously, he continued to travel alone in front of the team. He carefully examined the area through the lens of the night vision scope. Just as the report said, the guard shack stood in the middle of the only road into the laboratory with two guards on duty. This would be the first time he saw any real action. Jamal quickly rehearsed his pending actions over in his mind. Reflecting on the training he had received at Fort Benning, Jamal slowly laid his camouflaged frame in the prone position on the ground. Pressing his body hard against the ground to muffle any sound, he carefully crawled toward the wooden guard shack. As he came closer to the unpainted shack, Jamal silently slipped his Army issued knife out of its case on the side of his pack. He gently positioned the knife between his teeth and continued his slow descent upon the unsuspecting guards. One of the guards proceeded to walk towards him. Jamal immediately stopped and instantly hid himself in some of the surrounding underbrush. The armed guard continued to walk in the same direction. He stopped about four feet to the right of the ranger.

The ranger silently studied his prey. The old gray haired man unzipped the front of his black pants and proceeded to urinate next to the brush where he hid. This was the ranger's prime opportunity. A continuous stream of warm semi-transparent urine flowed from the unsuspecting guard's heavily veined penis. The ranger positioned himself for the kill. The unsuspecting old guard stood with his back to Jamal the entire time he contently continued to relieve his full bladder. In a few remarkably swift and carefully planned moves, Jamal forcefully emerged from his hiding spot. With his left hand, he quickly covered the old man’s mouth. He wrapped his right hand around the butt of his knife. Viciously, Jamal submerged the tip of the custom Bowie Knife serrated metal blade into the side of the overwhelmed guard's esophagus. Then, the ranger used the serrated end to slice the trachea into two pieces. Crimson streams of blood spurted from the open wound and quickly drenched the disabled guard's uniform. The perishing guard's eyes wide grew with fear as he tried to breathe. Jamal turned the weak old man to face him. The ranger inserted the bloody blade of his knife deep into the mutilated and battered guard's stomach.

Jamal made a penetrating semi circle cut on the mortality wounded guard's stomach. The horrified guard's large intestine instantly slipped out between the folds of the cut bloody skin. Jamal slowly helped the dying man to the ground. As the bleeding corpse continued to twitch on the grass, the ranger promptly went to work. Rivers of red liquid gushed out from the light pink wound and stained the green grass as Jamal continued to slice open the victim's stomach. Skillfully, Jamal removed the liver, spleen, and kidneys. The stench of bile wafted in the air when the ranger cut a section of the semi- transparent gruesome looking large intestines in two and placed it in a freezer bag along with the other organs. Then, Jamal carefully stored the transparent bag in his backpack. He retrieved a present for someone. ‘That was too easy,' he sadistically said to himself. ‘It is time to get my other present.'

The other guard was still in the guard shack. He was about 20 or 21 years old and ignorant of the demise of the old man. He danced with his weapon to the beat of the melody of a song as the ranger silently crept to the rear the hut. Jamal could hear salsa coming from the transistor radio. Unnoticed, he gradually crept through the open door. By the time the song ended, the lackadaisical soldier turned around to find Jamal standing behind him. The naive young guard nervously tried to protect himself. However, it was too late. The ranger's blood stained sharp edged metal blade forcefully plunged into the base of the front of his neck. For a few seconds, he examined Jamal's eyes as if to ask, ‘why?' Jamal violently rammed the knife further into the perishing boy's throat and watched him die. The primed ranger disemboweled him as he did the other and placed the second container in his backpack. Upon finishing his job, Jamal snatched the dead boy's half-eaten sandwich and stuffed it in the corpse’s mouth. ‘Did your mom ever tell you to finish your food,' he laughed rudely as he signaled to the team waiting in the forest.

When the team reached his position, a crimson pool of blood covered the wooden floor. The strong stench of bile seasoned the air inside the small shack. Jamal drugged the deceased elderly man across the wooden floor of the security shack. The old man's abdomen skins waved back and forward. The motion exposed the bloody pinkish inside of the dead man's abdomen and the mutilated intestines. Corporal Richardson abruptly stopped and stared at the revolting sight. Seconds later, he retreated to the open door to release chunks of pinkish vomit outside. When the pale corporal returned, he wiped some vomit off his lips and proclaimed, ‘Man, you are one sick soldier.'

‘Yeah, I know. Just leave me alone and I will be fine,' Jamal replied as he retrieved the dead man gun.


It took the sergeant and the corporal about thirty minutes to complete the job. They broke into the facility and secured all the personnel inside. Corporal Richardson hacked into the computer, and copied all the files. When they were done, the corporal downloaded a virus into the system that locked the whole facility down. It took the enemy about six weeks to determine what he had done to the system.

The End

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