Take My Advice



Buy her flowers, just because

Show her how much you care

Let her be the one you think of

When she's not standing there


Carry her to a secluded place

Hidden behind the scenes

Plant some kisses on her face

Show what love really means


Caress and stroke her skin

In a gentle and caring fashion

When she speaks, really listen

And whisper words of passion


Cuddle her when she's near

Entwine your bodies together

Make her feel truly secure

Guarded from stormy weather 


Take your time, start real slow

Undress her like a present

She has a gift she wants to show

So return her something pleasant


Slide your tongue down her curves

Devote attention to her desire

Love her the way that she deserves

Untamed urges burn like fire


She is like a blooming flower

That is impossible to find

So with each passing hour

Treat her warm and kind


Love is about the little things

It's more than a vow of "I do"

Give her more than petty rings

Make her dreams come true


She is the world's greatest lover

And a cosmos of untold delight

So place no one else above her

Praise her every day and night


Do all of this, just because

Do not compare it to a chore

Or you'll be missing her true love

When she's knocking on my door



The End

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