Take me home

Nights like these I feel like a boozy pin up girl

My stocking ripped up the side and torn at the knees

I get dressed up pretty for the boys

But only chase after one

Go home stumbling, shoes in one hand and rye and ginger hidden up my sleeve

My arm gets wet sticky as liquor cascades down

God damn can’t keep anything nice


Flop on a stair case and drink down the last of my sorrow

And ready to drink solely for regret

Emotions are a heady thing

Through intensity I only see the haze of want

What I want…

I take of my hose and mop up my hand

And lick away the trail of alcohol

A bum watches me with rapt attention

But isn’t that always the way


I find a way to sway

The last song of the night plays

A blues song disappears into the hits off today

I drift off the stairs, barefoot and feeling oddly nostalgic

Sometimes these nights feel all the same

Sometimes I long for too much for what I had before

Bodies arcing, curving apart of the sound

Take me home

Somebody Take home

Gather these old bones take me home

The End

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