Take Me Dancing In The Moonlight

This could be our song

If it feels so right it can’t be wrong

We can escape to where we belong

Keep to the rhythm

It leads us to our freedom

Don’t worry about me; with you I’m always strong

Take me dancing in the moonlight

Keep my heart to the beating to the drum

Have me so hot I’m biting on my thumb

Kiss my lips until their numb

When you touch me don’t ever let me go

Allowed to put your hand in my pocket, don’t you know?

You’re addicting like the sweetest rum

Take me dancing in the moonlight

Air between us is skintight

Take us alone, I need to be with my knight

Glitter shimmers as it rains on me

Leaving the world be

You make face so bright

Spin me underneath the stars

Strumming melodies like our guitars

Let this moonlit dance be ours

Breathe the air

We’re almost there

With you, I have forgotten my scars

The End

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