Take Me Away

Take Me Away

Take me away forever I beg
Cos here I am just a walking dead.
Futile today and futile tomorrow
There’s only so much pride I can swallow.
This skin I don't fit but cannot shed
So take me away forever I beg.

Take me away somebody please
From dusk till dawn I am on my knees.
Straining my ears to hear my calling
Devoid of sleep through fear of morning.
All my minds worries refuse to ease
So take me away somebody please.

Take me away to a better place
Where the mirrors display a jocund face.
Where you are touched by a helping hand
And there's more applause and less demand.
Too much malice here and not enough grace
So take me away to a better place.

Take me away by any means
Authenticate my wildest dreams.
Cos now there as fake as Hollywood smiles
The sandman comes but always beguiles.
Threw a hole in the floor or an electric beam
Please take me away by any means.

Take me away the forces that be
This world doesn’t hold a place for me.
Surrounded by lovers but my hand is un held
Fellow men are accepted while I am repelled.
My pride is marooned at shames vast sea
So take me away the forces that be.

Take me away once again I implore
My heart and soul are opposed in war.
My mind is in the middle seeking solution
Caught in crossfire with shells of confusion.
 This mind though is too tired to referee any more
So take me away once again I implore.

The End

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