Take me away......

Take me away, just take me away,

From this place, this earth.

This earth so saturated in hate and hurt.....

Take me away from the present,

To forget every lesson and thought since birth.

Take me away to be free, far, and beyond far,

Beyond the moon and the stars......

To dwell in my dreams in sights unseen.

Take me away, just take me away,

To release my mind.

It's strung up tight, like the string of a fighting kite in the wind.

I plead, please!

Severe the line, leave all that's kept me tied behind,

And let my mind rest.

Nothing, no one owns my  soul!

Let me fly, let me go........

Take me away, just take me away,

To some place so much better then okay.

To some magical place, where I'm so happy, that even pure bliss can't understand.

Somewhere beyond crystal seas and flourishing lands.

Take me away, just take me away,

Where there's no existence of night and day.

Some place I feel the comfort of sleeping, yet remain forever awake.

Play, draw, build, paint......

A place alive with my pure imagination, a place that only my mind can create.

Take me away, just take me away,

I'll tolerate the day,

Thru the ups and downs of raging waves,

Thru the seas' blues and the sky's greys.

And when the night arrives,

Tie my vessel at bay, that's fine.

But my mind and soul will escape to find,

Endless beauties and wonders far and beyond life's lines.

Maybe I'll visit heaven before I die......

Take me away, just take me away,

That's all I want, that's all I ask......

Take me away now and I'll never come back.

I'll lack any desire to return,

But you can always remember me in these final words,

In this poem that yearns,

To take me away, to just take me away........

The End

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