Take Me At 16:02, Silently

You and I;

I think we're scared,

Not quite sure if we're re-writing


Or just replaying it.

Rewinding, restarting,

Recasting the same parts to the same players

And hoping for the matinee to reel in the favouritism.

Eventually, I will be pretentious.

This upbringing,these words, the abhorrent nature of everyone who surrounded me will one day become apparent

And I downright refuse to ever become what ruined me.

You could be him.

I'd quite like to be her.

And if we were them,

It would disgust me.

Let's rewrite it all,

Brown paper, scrapbook, perforated edges to rip it up when things go wrong

and it'll be like they never did.

Left for dead biro's, insignificant instructions,

This life's paraphernalia could murder me in my sleep,

Promise me we'll never be predictable,

Promise we'll never be all too comfortable,

I want everything but the kitchen sink.

I wouldn't cook for you,

I'd bloody well never clean.

If you came home to me, I'd be overtired, overdressed and raring for a fight,

Every night.

Don't trap me.

Don't put me in a cage.

You can have all of me.

All I ask is that I can turn out the light.

The End

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