Take It Easy

You're on edge and i can tell,
my feet are cut from these eggshells,
I'm not trying to manipulate you,
no ulterior motives to try and see through,
don't get mad, just take it easy
don't make a point to try and avoid me.

I've always cared about you
though sometimes you might not see,
I haven't earned your trust and
now it's plain that you've replaced me.
I guess that i deserve it
my chances are set adrift,
now I think I'm the last guy
you would ever want to be with

I've been tested and I've failed
now I'm afraid my ship has sailed.
Stiff upper lip, tears on my shirt
now I'm the one who's getting hurt.
Now you'll go see other guys
I'm sick of love it never pays.
You can put the blame on me and
we'll just go our separate ways.

The End

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