Take It All AwayMature

what hope is there in this decaying body of mine. broke down by you venomous words and copious amounts of booze. for death it just comes, you cant pay a fine. your moneys no good here, its here you lose. a place i thrive so effortlessly. death was always my necessity.

i drown in all my own thoughts on a constant basis changed faces, decaying places, bleeding stomach, cracked lips, milking eyes. do you even care who is between your thighs? you just want a thick wallet and constant highs. breathing in, breathing out, all my sighs.

do you even remember our moments? ones of passion? fearless fashions? lips embrace each other. i knew when i saw you i should of run for cover. you became my addiction, an unceasing one. my mouth runs dry, drink myself high, smoke myself drunk, you reached in my fucking chest and took a chunk.

the darkness grows larger and larger, filling my chest. ceasing myself and indulging you. i thought i was yours and you mine. but there were more than a few. because of you ill never be fine.
The End

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