Take All That You CanMature

Night from my life,
I lose my time,
She will merely walk by,
Knowing that I'm enough,
The fool that I am.

My dear, my heart, I lose my time now,
I've spent this time with you hearing voices,
White in cloth, I'm nervous.
I've been exposed in night, to your mistakes,
I've been melting, 

Take all that you can from this,
You know what I've done, I've been what I can be,
But nothing is enough to appease me,
I'm low, my darling, a mess in this star crush,
I've been exposed in night to your mistakes,
Your the only thing that can save me now.

Dirty fucking shreds of skin peeling back,
Like the shadow I am,
echoing away,
dirty little people,
falling away.

The End

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