Take A Stand

In the hallways, 

People see you-

They notice you, 

head down,

Walking so fast no one can catch you.

You're running from your fears, 

the past,

But no one cares.

They say they do, 

Pestering you for a 50-minute hell,

and then forget when you aren't in their sight.

You walk again, 

tears welling up,

your hands fleeting to try to physically hold in your tears,

but to no avail.

They come,

cascading down,

You can't hold in the sobs,

but no one cares.

You run out of the door, 

Hood pulled over your head,

running fast to try and reach home,

But you can't outrun them.


The truth those boys feed you, 

every day.

"you're ugly,"

"you're fat,"

"Kill yourself."

You know you should,

Just end it...

But are you strong enough?

Are you strong enough to finally help yourself,

to take freedom by the blade?

Are you?!

The End

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