Taj Mahal

What I wrote after watching the movie "The Namesake". I wanted to try and capture the astounding essence of the Taj Mahal in India.

Its shadow sits along the curves of a tower,

Only to fall like a shower of infinite length.

There is not just a calmness of water,

But a reflection of immortality and strength.

Red delights echo orange rays of sunlight,

That kiss the hand to the source of treasured life.

A name possesses an energy that will not be defined,

Unless the wish of a god craves to become mine.

Intense humidity evaporates our scornful tears,

That scream to make their presence clear,

And the blessed aftertaste of redemption,

Has surpassed all yearning, implicit fears.

When wandering through this landscape,

The interior must never disappear,

Especially when euphoria of knowledge,

Has come to dwell so near.

It plants a sanctifying bliss,

A symbol of love to remember a past romance.  

One might start to question their existence,

If the bravery of death were ever to befall.

Nonetheless, it is my revelation,

An envied submission,

An addiction full of fortune,

Built from boundless, marble walls.

For this place, embedded with surreal beauty,  

Has become my Taj Mahal.   

The End

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