Ancient Song



Stunned against my leg, the tattoo that we wed,
A birthmark locked, in tort ropes we rocked,
Swung in the trees, to ancient melodies,
Cradled under night, the leaving of the light.

 And as burning spelt a day, promise me forever.

 Black drowns clouds in the sorrow sung shrouds,
Darkened spores cripple down your tongue,
A ripple just wriggles maggots down your lungs,
Until vocals are sliced out with a sickle.

 Promise me forever, oh darkness.

So well up the cuts, the wounds to be sucked,
Clean out their pus and decay,
The forest of limbs, splintered like shins,
Wears that old wed mark away.

 Oh Darkness, was the burning day…

The End

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