Sword in Snow



Silver gems drift from sky of night,

Illumination by lone lantern's glow

Shimmering with quiet points of bright

Gather in mounds of snowy down

Solo steps enter circle of light


Unmasked from ebony sheath

Solemn ring does keen steel release

Deadly curve lit with golden wreath

Moisture's jewels rest on razor edge

Hands of skill hilt is ensheathed


Silent steps well placed

Marks snow in moves of grace

Breath released at measured pace

Heat of life clouds waft of ice

Sword's song in shadow is traced


Sweeping arch like comet tail

Crystal drops race after glazed edge

Winter night does the adept impale

Discord's release as calmly pursued

Balanced emotions must now prevail


Passion of heat and reality of cold

Master's blade cannot bend

Retracing pattern from tradition of old

Bound in pants and hood of black

Blue eyes now control the blade of gold

The End

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