Sword Form

The cursed semen spawned from a demon,

Didn’t bring love just was scheming,

killed the mother and the child drank ghost milk from dead breast,

No wonder the seed’s heart beat differently in his chest.

This warped world wobbles, from the vampires that gobble.

What straight path? you are asking me to walk against the math.

Watched everything with a crooked eye, that’s just a secret between you and I.

Lies cause organisms and the bitter taste truth make your stomach queasy,

So just believe whatever you want that might make your life more easy.

The earth be a living tomb; life be an open wound.

Tongues become living swords swung by a shadow soldier,

Say whatever just to get over.

Walk the maze blindfolded, determine to fight for peace like I’m owed it.

See with the flesh so I see the death, scavenger for whatever is left.

Celebrate life in precious solitude moments just before I face the wrath of my opponents.

I’m here now, I don’t fear now, it’s the future crippled by the past,

Plotting to ensnare my mind and damage my center mass.

Its invisible chains that infected the brain, left the physical stain

Open your eyes and see the fruits of the storm,

 I promise to improve my fighting stance for a better sword form.



The End

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