Making coffee pays more than a Soldier

Our institutions let us down

Faced with an ensemble  setting

This crude but funny British reserve

Small talk

A necessary torture attracts only a misfit

I always wanted to be with hapless heros

When I met Thomas Becket in his baggy Levis, bangles and chains


The twist locklid forms an animated adventure

It was a risk to go travelling with him

Once you'd skipped off the materialistic treadmill

Bubblegum's stuck to your sandal

I can promise you one thing, alone he can be extremely grateful


He makes room for you to rediscover space and air

Mini pine cones and florest wire

None of this wisdom tackles the world of cynisism

Our inhibitions let us down


Mr Plantagenet, a leicester man reflects our hope


A friendship forced to grow in facing shadows

Discovers new things about the arrival

There are still things that wont change


Shocking moments on the rollercoaster

Deep down his words

The switchback railway

Tongue in cheek


The story happened in the past, you can't repeat it

The screams continue


They can't cope in cumbria so he boarded a train to Sheffield

The eighteen thirty two

Cash for infrastructure spending

Some say it's blighted by under achievement

He's the man constructing it


Her of unknown existence makes for a dull predicament

They're making waves

The British Library's books are all borrowed

And the Ravens are leaving the Tower

England's painful cries of  a world of flesh and blood

Never goes away

As a result I packed my  high heeled boots and decamped tomy fasvourite hotel 












The End

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