Swimming In Anxiety

I wrote this one really depressing day.Its basically... me fighting myself one drunken night. I was really down. But I realized why I needed to stay alive. I figure - Maybe someone is feeling the same way... I'm sure we've all been there.

My stomach feels like a pit of serpents.

Why did what she say make feel feel this way?
My mind is swimming in anxiety.
I feel as if the whole world wants my head on a stake.

I feel like I'm walking in the dark,
holding Death's bleach white hands.

Maryjane and Uncle Jack numb the living pain.

What is life?
A game of puzzle pieces,
And I'm trying to find the pieces that fit.

I feel like Death's cold, bare hand is on my shoulder.
whispering at me to kill myself.

This isn't a red flag,
Its a white one. Or more of a confession.

My people need me...

I can't let my self pity grow anymore.
This is my life. And I only have one.

No respawns or a little circle of a save mark on the ground.
My people love me... and I love them.

It'd be selfish of me to take something they love.

I'd be stealing. Suicide is STEALING!
If you kill someone you steal a life.
If you kill yourself - you steal your life from the people who love you.

They'd never see you again.
Poof- Gone like ciggerate smoke.
They'd be hurt. They'd have questions.

The dead can't talk!

Think before you pull the trigger.

Your life is in your own hands. And you make your life what you can.

The End

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