Sweetly So

Silence sometimes in the way

we've exhausted all we had to say.

Words are just an endless flow

to stop the dreaded unknown,

until I realized I'm missing the moments trying to make 

the moments interesting for your own sake,

when they already were an adventure all along.


Silence sometimes in the way

you paused before you played

a soft escape on your guitar,

as I clumsily sing from afar.

"A bold mistake is never wrong if you believe in it."

you tell me as I shake with nerves

so caught up in trying to be perfect,

I stop being me.


Silence sometimes in the way

I wait for you waiting for me to say

something of meaning, when really

all we need is to lay side by side,

catch that glimmer in each other's eyes.

We've gone from two hour phone calls every night,

to only speaking in the light.

We've shifted from who we were

into the unknown,

but then I see your smile

and know, all the while

we were we,

in love, always,

as friends, as lovers, as family, as people

still trying to figure out exactly who we are.

So do not worry when I don't speak,

and don't feel you ought to be

anything other than here.

Sometimes, silence is what we need.

The End

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