Sweet November

You look at her like stars glisten in her eye's.
It is true, I agree, but forgive me, it has come as quite a surprise.
Because you loved me once, remember?
Your warm kisses caressed my face on that cold sweet November.

We picked flowers during sunset.
Camping out on green grass as we watched the moon rest.
You said you would love me for a century,
As you stared at me lovingly in the Spring day of February.

Our feet swept along the sand,
Across miles of love, that it seemed, was our land.
But knowing and feeling you are a fool,
Brought with it the bitter essence of that hot day in June.
I realized, while in a trance watching the leaves fall,
That our love was not the greatest of them all.
I said goodbye, to what it seemed was forever,
And walked out to the leaf blanketed street of September.

But yet, I think it is nicer,
To close my eye's and fondly remember,
The way your kisses caressed my face,
On the cold sweet November.

The End

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