Sweet Love of Mine

Seasons ago, time did freeze for a split-second,

It was when God was waving his wand.

To create a magical harbinger for Planet Earth,

Coz a loving angel was so so dearth.


She blossomed seraphically since the day she was born

And I never knew that she was here to kill my love-lorn

With a tender soul, she grew into a fairy with a pure heart.

She was here to vanquish evil and create mirth.


She is here for a divine mission

She is by far the ultimate creation

I am blessed to feel her presence

Coz I desperately miss her in her absence.


You are as sweet as a chocolate,

And as cute as a pomegranate.

Everytime you come near me,

I feel love flowing out of thee.


You are my life's dedication,

The Princess of my imagination.

Happy Birthday to you my Sweetheart.

You are forever planted in my heart.

The End

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