Sweet Echoes

It's about realising that the people who care about you most are in already in your life and that you can depend on people, rather than rely on people who will dump you in your time of need

Stuck under the streetlights of roads unknown

The echoes of her sweet voice calling me home

The anger festering, ready to push itself outwards

The darkness inside, a soul broken, heading skywards


The cruelty of friends who neglect my fears

The cold truth tearing at what sanity remains

Your friends run and hide, shutting the door

Cold, bitter and alone, but who cares anymore


Sweet echoes

She makes me smile again

In the darkness I was forgotten

But still I dreamed of home


Beyond what I've known

The suffering I feel that comes and goes

Sick, weary and in a constant pain

The words she spoke to me carry me home


Sweet whispers

She makes me laugh again

In the twilight I'm outcast

Another sorrow confined to the past


All of the friends I left behind

They didn't even care anyway

The days I buried in the depths

Calls from the deep, suddenly I'm afraid

Suddenly my thoughts drifting into an empty space

I see the sorrows, carved like scars on her face


Journeying home and only memories keep me awake

The failures of this night I struggle to endure

From blissful peace into the dark lured

I know now, that my true friends carry me to sweet sleep

May they find their way and we may we all sleep well tonight


Sweet echoes

Carry me through the episodes

Another blind thought driven by youth

Another chance for my life to implode

The End

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