Sweet Dolores

Sweet Dolores, I need you like the poison in my veins
Leave the dew to soak on my clothes
as you fade into the moonlight
Alter the story so we can live forever
in the shadow of the valley of death

Sweet Dolores, even the devil is comforting these days
I’m tethered to the ideal of wasting away
in your everlasting gaze where I can never sleep
It’s not your fault, rather I will do what I can
to keep the dirt crawling over my exposed wounds

Sweet Dolores, do you recall when we first met?
In the drama we played a part where I end our love
as you fold into his arms; where I drink into the early hours
It’s my troubled state of mind that lends degradation
but soon it will all be over

Sweet Dolores, I hope Heaven is kind to the meek
Does the rain ever stop or will is drown us in thought
A transmission of lovely melodies are skewered
in permanent memories upon my body
Don’t ever look back or you will begin to regret

The End

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