Sweet Death

(If only the sky would fall)
(So Heaven could be on Earth)

(And bring you back to me)

I found you on the street

 A gun lay at your feet

Your deep, dark, brown eyes

Focused to infinity


{Come o' sweet death}

{Take my final breath}

{I promise you}

{I will be true}

{Come o' come sweet death}


You were dressed in your Sunday best

When they put you in the ground

Lay me down

Put me to sleep

Lord take my soul
For you to keep

(If only the sky would fall)
(Heaven would be on Earth)
(Bringing me back to you)

(Bringing me back to you)

So I'll wear my Sunday Best

Dressed in a bright red dress

Diamonds round my neck

I'll close my eyes

One last breath

({Come O' Come Sweet Death})

The End

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