sweet caroline

they say it's going to rain

back home again,

but here it snows

and I'm alone.

Zippered lovers like zippered hearts,

puzzled together and torn apart

by the fates who wear them today.

Say baby it's cold outside, you better bring a coat,

I don't got much money, but I'm not love broke

and we knew we were for each other before we spoke.

I'll meet you at the bar when the lights are low,

with your guitar on the stage you glow,

singing Sweet Caroline

where is she right now.

Not here, in the shadows.

I'm a little bit drunk, my speech is slurred

but you look a little bit cute, will I regret you after

when the dawn breaks to new day

we rise and walk our separate ways

zippered hearts come undone.

But buried in the back on my brain

you song my memory has stained

singing Sweet Caroline

you look so good tonight

wear my coat, it's outside 

where are you

beneath all these lights

Sweet Caroline,

they say it's going to rain

back home again

but here is snows,

and you're not alone

if you weave your hand into mine.

If you weave your hand into mine.


The End

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