Sweet And Sorrowful

About deception, both self-directed and external, and how deeply ensnared people can become by the many hungry spiders yearning to suck them dry.

Desolation, wishes in white
Beneath our conversations
They wait hidden out of sight
In a cave of silken lies

Fat and noxious hungry host
Brings us here and tucks us in
Celebration of the ghosts
Who fell into the undertow.

Gossamer like a recent snow
Subterranean voice of reason
Poison songs that I should know
Of waiting fangs and open arms

Swallow fear and look inside
Mind your manners won't you please?
Clad in white you cannot hide
Or move without vibrations

They will sense your careful tread
The web will fall and so will you
With all the passions it has fed
Its poison sweet and sorrowful

The End

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