Sweater Song

You used to fit me like my favorite sweater;
You know the one,
With the little-too-short sleeves and the
Frays at the end from when we went adventuring last April?
It reminded me of you,
Because you used to be my favorite, too;
Even with your frays.
You gave it to me the day you asked me out,
Because you knew sweaters made me feel safe,
And back then,
You wanted to make me feel safe, too.
That was the sweater that got me through those nights where
I'd wake up screaming because of my nightmares.
That was the sweater I was wearing when you said you loved me,
And when you said you were leaving me.
I got rid of that sweater this morning,
Along with that records you bought me,
And the ticket stubs we collected from all those bad shows.
Now I'm cold again,
But I figured that I'd rather be anxious and freezing
Than reminded of you every time I look in the mirror.
I wish it were warmer outside, 
Because then maybe I wouldn't need a sweater.
And I wish I was warmer inside,
Because then maybe I wouldn't need you.

The End

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