Swansong: In Verse

...Then light as a speck it came to me,

As witnessed by my third eye,

The answer to questions unspoken

Implanted with violet dye.

My lips quivered then gently parted,

Warmth seeping out as It left:

The widow my mind had been housing

So turned my soul dark and bereft.

Eyes from below viddied up at me,

Glowing remembrance shone.

I wordlessly begged them, "stay silent."

They retracted, then they were gone.

Supporting her life with deception,

Like perilous mountain peaks,

The girl that my heart manifested

Could no longer stifle her shrieks.

Regret met with pain and seclusion.

The gallows boasted their wares:

The widow's web spun ethereal,

A rainbow of violent snares.

The writing upon it read Sorrow.

I cried aloud a return

Of elegies, swansongs and madness:

My sanity's bridges left burned.

So placed in my hand was a seedling,

In the void it planted well.

It grew of the heat radiating

From inside the walls of my cell.

Grafted, held together, maturing,

Solace in glass and in fire,

The peace that I lacked flowed into me

And out! winked the world in my eye.

Rejecting the widow's grim offer,

Bathed in my own sacrifice,

The ink sends the paper my message

Disguised in poetic device.

The End

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