Swan DiveMature

I do not completely, and in every way fear you –

Not in the way that he threw a curse upon me to;

I still get turned on by that appeal, so real and true;

A truth he tried to forever warp up with shades of black and blue.


I’m not so afraid of you – that I have no tendencies, no intrigue;

My body yearns for good sex to magically collide with me;

My brain gradually accepts and digests my life’s reality;

It’s a string of unknown variables: somehow bound to my own destiny.


Some of the sights in a mirror – won’t let my eyes truly perceive;

Along with so many pieces of my own history,

I’m a toddler again without a single receive to believe;

My environment feels so profoundly abstract and obscene.


The good and the bad – patches of skin: paisley and plaid;

I spent so many teardrops that I now wish I still had;

To cry for the real things that stab at my womb and kick my head –

There will be plenty of time to be a “hostage” after I’m dead.


Unrealistic, sadistic, chauvinistic lovers –

Sociopathic in the street and Psychopathic in the covers

my, my...  my position in the dark-lit corner;

Not really caring if you  ever make the stroll over –


I survived the same as anyone reading this, the same as anyone else alive;

I can only convey the things that my spirit and soul might imply;

I have accepted the truth and jumped over the side;

welcoming the Unknown through a perfected swan dive.

The End

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