Survive Without Him

You've lost him. What else is there to do but to move on?

The loss of a friend is like the loss of a piece of your heart.

You see him pass by, and you refrain yourself from going to him, slapping a hand on his back, and smiling happily at him, like you used to do all the time.

He looks at you, and you look away. You suppose he's waiting for you to approach him, like you always do. You would, but his new friend (the one that calls him "bestie") hugs him, and that small moment of attention is gone.

You're really bitter. He's never hugged you. In fact, he runs away when you try to hug him.

You always try to hug him.

You always thought it was a way to show how much closer you were than anyone else to him, because you both knew that no matter how much he rejected you, he'd only be doing it in a joking way, because you were both comfortable with each other like that.

You're not sure when it went wrong, or what happened. It just sort of did. One day, the two of you are chatting and laughing like you always do, and the next, just looking at him is painful for you. Life didn't even give you the chance to have a gradual change.

You're not sure what you're going to do now. Cry? No, you wouldn't want to do that. Run back to him? What for? He's got his new friends now.

All you can do is…survive. Survive without him.

The End

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