A prostitute's inner thoughts.

Every time you walk by on the bustling streets,

Turning to gawk at us like we're deli meats,

I wonder just what it is that's running through your mind.

Do you realize just what it is that I left behind,

When I was forced to sell my soul this way?

Or do you think I chose to spend this day,

Without a voice, without a say?

Does my every swaying motion ring true,

Could you really believe my attraction to you?

Does my skimpy dress and caked-up face

Really do so much to replace

The simple fact that I have no choice?

I arch and bend to your every will,

Even as your unwanted touch forces me to still

I feel like crying, like dying,

But the need to survive keeps me from trying,

Because all of this, it simply isn't real,

I'm just working hard to make it to another meal. 

The End

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